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PARENT COMPANY : Shenyang Shenda Endoscope Co., Ltd


Shenyang Shenda Endoscope Co., Ltd. was established in the 1980s. Its predecessor is Shenyang University endoscope research institute, and the institute is founded by Jiang Kerang, who was the technical vice president of Shenyang Medical optical instrument factory. His invention of the rigid curved hysteroscope in 1975 makes the enterprise step into the way of developing medical endoscopes. Shenda is the earliest enterprise that develops and manufactures medical rigid endoscopes. Our company is the pioneer and manufacturer of medical rigid endoscopes in China. After more than 30 years unremitting efforts, manifold endoscopes and instrument, specially the creative curved hysteroscope, are widely being used in clinical diagnosis and minimally invasive operation. Shenda has products in urology, gynecology, ENT, anus-enterology, orthopaedics, laparosurgery and the domain of Industrial production. It’s our principle in business “High quality,Reasonable price, Value demand of customers”. We are actively doing cooperation with many friends through out the world. We have contributed to the furtherance of dissemination and development of minimally invasive operation.
  Shenda Company pays more attention to exploitation and development of products all the time. We produce the first optical fiber cystoscope, arthroscope, resectoscope. The flexible endoscope disposable protection system will create good conditions for avoiding iatrogenic cross infection. It is a huge progress of endoscope technology.
At present,we have more than 1000 rigid endoscopes and instruments. They are used in minimally invasive operation in urology, gynecology, ENT, anus-enterology, orthopaedics and laparosurgery. In recent years, Shenda received the endoscope as our preponderant products, carry out large scale production of endoscope and get good effect.
Technique and Production
  Our company has complete professional technical teams in the fields of optics, mechanics, electrics equipment, quality management, standardization and so on. We can do optics system and full set of products and the design of electric equipment production. In addition, our company has a council which has many famous medical experts of our country.
We use optics material, optical fiber, metal and nonmetal material. The machining of the components realizes digital machining, ensures the property and quality. 
  In recent years, we strengthen the contact with domestic and foreign endoscope markets, and the domestic and foreign and optics companies are satisfied with the large amount of the lenses we produced for them. This helps domestic endoscopes and optics components to go out of our country, and increases our status in the domestic endoscope market.
Our company can design and produce various kinds of special specification endoscopes according to the needs of the customers.
Quality and Sales
  Our company has complete quality management system. We passed the ISO9001:2000 and ISO13485:2003 quality management system and got CE certificate.
  Our company sets perfect service and commercial network in order to provide high cost performance products for customers and ensure the after service.
  Our company has more than 40 patents, including Chinese patent of invention and practical new patent, Japanese patent, Spanish patent and has passed PCT international patent application, and we will get the proprietary intellectual property rights of America, European Union and so on. The rod lens process method has been used in many companies of our country. Our products got more than 20 prizes of our country. The cysto-urethroscope NP-1, open laparoscope KF-1 and hysteroscope XG-5 are national new products.
  We were awarded Liaoning high and new technology company in 1990.
  We were awarded the member of Chinese medical apparatus and instruments association in 1996.
  “Shenda” Brand Endoscope got top ten of medical apparatus and instruments industry in 1998.
  We became the membership of Chinese science and technology industrialization seminar in 2001.
  We were awarded top-50 private science and technology enterprise of Shenyang in 2003.
  We got the program of promoting business by applying scientific and technological advances in 2005.
  Plasma resectoscope got the support of national science and technology innovation fund in 2006.
  The flexible endoscope disposable protection system passed the expert review and got the National Product Registration Certificate and the Production license in 2007.
  We moved to the new address of No.123 Hezuo Street, Dadong District. The floor space and covered area increased more than twice and the instruments are refreshed; producing condition is improved in 2008.
  NDRCmade the medical endoscope protection system industrialization project as the national biologically medical project and also supported it as a special plan in October, 2008.
  The medical endoscope protection system was enrolled into the plan of “national main new product” by national science and technical ministry in November, 2008.
  “ShenDa Endoscope” was approved as “the famous brand of China” by State Administration of industry and commerce in 2012.

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